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Watch this video and more on SaltDrop

Watch this video and more on SaltDrop

Monday 7/5 11AM EST with Tara - 30min

30-Minute Classes • 37m

Up Next in 30-Minute Classes

  • Friday 7/2 11AM EST with Tara - 30min

    Props: weights
    Class: plank to slow mountain climbers, child's pose pushups, squat series with weights, wide squat series with weights, kneeling core series with weights, cardio push!

  • Wednesday 6/30 11AM EST with Dino - 3...

    Props: none!
    Class: plank, box lunge to wide squat series, flat back core work that builds to a twist, wide bridge lifts, tricep dips, cardio push!

  • Monday 6/28 8AM EST with Shane - 30min

    Props: weights, slider, blue resistance band
    Class: plank to down dog, child's pose push-ups, narrow squat series with weights, curtsy squat series with a slider, crab walks with the band, inner thigh series, cardio to close :)