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Watch this video and more on SaltDrop

Saturday 4/24 11AM EST with Dino - 60min

60-Minute Classes • 1h 12m

Up Next in 60-Minute Classes

  • Saturday 4/17 11AM EST with Dino - 60...

    Props: weights, ankle weights
    Class: crescent lunge to figure 4 series, low lunge series, plank, wide squat with weights, flat back core stabilization, bird dog to half moon series, kneeling side seat work, big cardio finish!

  • Saturday 4/10 11AM EST with Dino - 60...

    Props: blue resistance band
    Class: wide squat oblique series, squat tapbacks, side plank series, curtsy squat with knee lift into narrow squat, standing arm series with the blue band, flat back core with inner thigh focus, side seat series, kneeling oblique work, cardio!

  • Thursday 4/1 6PM EST with Dino - 60min

    Props: weights
    Class: warmup, squat tapbacks, curtsy squats with weights, down dog to plank series, standing series with weights, core work with the towel, narrow one-legged bridge lifts, plank series, cardio dance party!