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Friday 9/11 11AM EST with SarahRose - 45min

Archived Oldies but Goodies • 52m

Up Next in Archived Oldies but Goodies

  • Thursday 9/10 6PM EST with Dino - 60min

    This 60-minute class with Dino includes a low lunge series that includes a heel lift, a wide squat series, a side plank series, oblique-focused core work, wide bridge lifts, child's pose pushups, flat back core, a whole lot of skaters, slow and stead jump squats, a two-point jack and burpees to f...

  • Thursday 9/10 11AM EST with Dino - 30min

    This arm/shoulder-focused 30-minute class includes a narrow squat to box lunge series, a big hand-release push-up series, slow and steady core work, and a big flush at the end to shake it all out!

  • Wednesday 9/9 11AM EST with Dino - 30min

    This 30-minute burner with Dino incorporates the use of optional hand and ankle weights. This class includes a crescent lunge to standing split series, a narrow squat to curtsy series with weights, jump squats, a shoulder-tap plank series, core work with an inner thigh focus, bridge lifts, and a ...

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