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Watch this video and more on SaltDrop

Tuesday 10/20 8AM EST with CJ - 45min

Archived Oldies but Goodies • 53m

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  • Monday 10/19 11AM EST with Dino - 30min

    This half hour with Dino includes a slow and steady box lunge series, an inclined chair series to flush it out, a wide squat to open your hips and heat up the outside seat, plank with alternating shoulder taps, core work on your elbows, and then we hop it out!

  • Sunday 10/18 11AM EST with Dino - 30m...

    This half hour on Instagram with Dino includes a down dog to plank, into a down dog to plank to pushup, a narrow squat to curtsy, a wide squat, standing core work, low belly core work on your elbows, one-legged bridge lifts, and then we hop it all out!

  • Saturday 10/17 11AM EST with Dino - 6...

    This hour-long class with Dino includes a box lunge series, a wide squat with alternating heel lifts into a pulse, a big side plank series, core work with a towel, low belly work on your elbows, wide bridge lifts for SBC, single arm pushups from your side, and a dance party to close on a high note!