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Watch this video and more on SaltDrop

Monday 1/25 11AM EST with Dino - 30min

Dino • 43m

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  • Sunday 1/24 11AM EST with Dino - 30mi...

    This 30-minute workout was recorded from Instagram. This class includes a down dog to plank series, a box lunge series that builds to a knee lift, a wide squat series with an oblique focus, flat back core with knee catches, one-arm pushups, and a cardio finish to leave you on a high note!

  • Saturday 1/23 11AM EST with Dino - 60min

    This 60-minute workout with Dino incorporates optional ankle weights, a waist-high surface, and an optional blue resistance band. This class includes an inclined chair series that builds to a leg extension and leg lift, a standing arm series with the band, flat back core work with an inner thigh ...

  • Friday 1/22 11AM EST with Dino - 30min

    This 30-minute workout with Dino uses a hand towel as a prop. This class includes a wide squat to windmill large range warm-up, a narrow squat to curtsy and back, a narrow wall squat, core work with your towel, flat back knee catches, one arm pushups, and your effervescent cardio push to end on a...

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